About Us

Like most corporate stories, US PIZZA's started out small with the first outlet at Penang, Malaysia in 1997. US PIZZA's was first started at 1997 by a team member of Mr Donald Duncan which have spent most of his early life in Kansas City, USA working in a local pizza restaurant. After spend almost 5 years working in the restaurant during the early 1990s, he have came out with his own recipe of dough and and tomato sauce which also known as "Duncan Sauce". Initially the name of the restaurant was planned to named as Duncan Pizza Restaurant, however, after much consideration of since the food was originated from United States, they named it as US PIZZA. Thereafter, they have chosen Penang, Malaysia as their first choice. After the passing of Mr Duncan during the end of 00s, the restaurant was taken over by a passionate youngster named Jeremy and Rachel.


A group of committed and passionate team members to serve the best consistent quality products and provide uncompromising heartfelt personal service towards our valued guests and community.

A delicious pizza begins with a perfect soft, original hand tossed dough that is made with the best flour. With just one taste of our pizza, it will reveal to you not only the freshness of our dough, but also the tasty toppings and 100% premium cheese is being used!

At US Pizza, we believed in quality and service contributed by people who care and committed to people. With premium quality ingredients, excellence of preparation, friendly service and cozy environment, we ensured that our valued guests receive and unexpected and welcome experience compare with other pre-baked pizza chain or retail pizza outlets.

We use 100% genuine low-fat mixed of our mozzarella cheese and our pizza are custom packed with whole ripened tomato formulated by our friend Duncan. We even named it 'Duncan Pizza Sauce".

All our meat toppings are produced from the top quality inspected cuts of imported meat. Our vegetable toppings are produced according to our exact standards. And that's not all to ensure the freshness of our ingredients and pizza dough. We only start making your pizza when you place your order. We will never ever pre-make or pre-bake your pizza.

Our original hand-tossed pizza is a winning product that made us outstanding from the rest of the competitors. Our pizza baking procedure using a unique OIL-FREE screen process that produces a perfect crispy crust on the outside and soft in the inside, All our pizzas are freshly made by our skilled pizza professionals in our open kitchen counter in front of the customers.

With these qualities and our men in black serving with uncompromising service beyond your expectations, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with each and every pizza. A toast to pizza. A toast to pizza with pizzaz. Enjoy with US Pizza."