Halal-Certified Restaurant

Being in a multicultural country, we care about each and everyone’s need and to be able to enjoy every single bites of our best pizza in US Pizza Malaysia. 
Our management is fully aware of the dietary needs of Muslim. We are careful in every single steps in preparing our food from sourcing raw ingredients, food process until serve to our customer. 
All ingredients that US Pizza Malaysia using including meats, seafood and sauces are all Halal-certified. Our practice of food preparation and cooking adheres strictly to safety and food regulations as well as Halal Food Regulations. No sale or usage of alcohol will be in the preparation and cooking of food. Suppliers of all ingredients used are Halal-certified and strictly verified by our management team to ensure all products that US Pizza use are safe and Certified Halal by JAKIM.
Currently US Pizza Malaysia is operating in 6 different locations. Our US Pizza Greenlane, US Pizza Summerton, US Pizza Bukit Mertajam and US Pizza Raja Uda are Halal-certified Restaurant by JAKIM. 
US Pizza Kulim and US Pizza SS15 Subang Jaya are in the midst of applying JAKIM Halal certificate. However, all of the ingredients and food preparation are following the Halal Food Regulation and indifferent with any other outlets.


You may verify our Halal Status @ Halal Malaysian Portal Click here